[nagdu] I am surprise with the earthquake that the dog

Tami Kinney tamara.8024 at comcast.net
Wed Aug 24 19:44:38 UTC 2011

First, let me join with you an others in well-wishes for those who were
in those two widely separated earthquake zones. My first though these
days is wondering how this or that guide dog user is doing in or near
wherever it was that it happened. /smile/ I've also been scratching my
head for the scientific explanation and would imagine you hit on it,
too. Well, since you agree with what I was thinking, you must be
right. /lol/

Our two dogs are funny. They each react in different ways -- and
communicate with each of their two humans in different ways -- when
there is something going on, so I do observe and listen to them. Only
sometimes, as far as I can tell, they're both being restless and weird
because that's how they feel like being... But I'm all on the alert for
whatever they're telling me is about to befall, so then they pick that
up from me, so then I get twitchy... /lol/ As long we all keep each
other entertained, I guess.  Often it is a weather change which may or
may not result in a storm. Well, this is Portland, so even a whopping
big storm doesn't seem worth a bunch of fuss to me. The native
Portlanders get really excited about it, though and very dramatic. So
maybe that's it with our dogs. They notice Portland-style storms because
those represent Serious Weather to them? Who knows?

I hadn't heard about the Colorado earthquake until just now on this
list.  Glad everyone is okay!


On Tue, 2011-08-23 at 23:12 -0600, Criminal Justice Major Extraordinaire
> Hi, Bertha,
> Odie behaved very weird the whole day yesterday upon pacing continuously in 
> my apartment.
> There was another reason why he also behaved weird, but will post that in 
> another message.
> Two years ago in 2009, we experienced an earthquake here in Denver, 
> Colorado, but on the southern part of the city.
> I definitely felt that one as the floor moved underneath me and felt myself 
> lightly swaying back and forth toward my computer desk.
> That earthquake registered 6.3 on the richter scale.
> Last night's earthquake in Trinidad, Colorado measured at 5.2 magnitude.
> Little did I know what was going on until Dale told me what happened this 
> evening.
> After my husband said something to me about that earthquake, I then figured 
> out the explanation of Odie's odd behavior.
> Odie also has paced back and forth when we've had tornado warnings or other 
> types of awful scary weather around.
> He's also scared of the fire alarm in my apartment complex as it can get 
> loud, deadly and irry.
> Bibi 
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