[nagdu] Fwd: The Seeing Eye GPS app now for sale in the iTunes Apple Store

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Tue Jul 2 21:16:27 UTC 2013

>The Seeing Eye GPS™ app now for sale in the iTunes Apple Store!
>July 2, 2013
>Sendero is proud to release The Seeing Eye GPS™ 
>app for cell-enabled iOS devices after more than 
>a year of development. With nearly 100 beta 
>testers, we are confident that the app meets our 
>standards for a version 1 release. We thank 
>everyone for their help testing and users for their patience.
>Our goal with this app was to make it a 
>convenient mobile option to compliment other 
>Sendero GPS products. We believe we have 
>achieved that and we will begin working 
>immediately on version 1.1. As with other 
>Sendero products over the past 13 years, user 
>feedback will drive development of future 
>versions. We will be posting a list of what we 
>think are high priority features and would like 
>users to vote on these plus add other 
>suggestions. We will also work immediately on a 
>UK and European version of the app.
>We hope you enjoy The Seeing Eye GPS™ app and 
>that you join us in building the most powerful 
>accessible turn-by-turn GPS mobile app possible. 
>For more information about the app go to: 
>The app is available in 
>it is free to download, but when you launch for 
>the first time you will be prompted to select a 
>subscription plan for either $69 for 1 year or $129 for 3 years.
>For support read the User Guide at 
>If you still have questions after reading the 
>manual email iphone at senderogroup.com. Please 
>allow at least 24 hours for a response to your inquiry.

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