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Hi Julie,
I've encountered people who think a crate is a prison.  I think most people 
are completely unaware that a dog is a denning animal.  The crate becomes 
it's den.  Landon has a soft one with  plastic mesh zippered door and I use 
this instead of the bed chain.  I close the door on it at night to keep 
Landon from finding trouble at night or having an accident on the carpets at 

During the day, the door stays open and Landon goes in there for a nap 
sometimes - especially when he sees me start to put away my clean laundry 
and he knows he's to be out of the way as I go from bed to closet or bed to 
dresser as I put the clothes away.  He loves the nice, soft, thick mattress 
I have in the crate for him.  In the livingroom, I have a piece of carpeting 
I keep in there to keep the wall-to-wall carpeting clean from his skin oils.

You're right, the dogs see the crate as their  own personal space!

Lyn and Landon

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>I have a Vari-kennel for Monty.  I think it's the largest size they make. 
>It's hard to find crates for really big dogs.  My husband calls it the 
>barn. *smile*  anyway it's the plastic type with wire windows and door. 
>Monty uses it daily.  He sleeps in there at night and sometimes he naps in 
>there during the day.  If he gets a new toy or some particularly prized 
>treat he will take it in there for safekeeping.  the kennel is his space. 
>Belle absolutely does not go in there, her own choice, I have never made 
>any rules about crates.  She has her own crate downstairs, where she 
>prefers to be, although she doesn't use her crate much.
> I can't remember the last time I shut the crate door.  It stays open and 
> Monty comes and goes as he pleases.  It's like his bedroom, his own 
> personal space all his own.  I find it puzzling how some people view the 
> crate as a little doggie prison.
> Julie
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