[nagdu] Private guide dog trainer wanted

Ben Humphreys brh at opticinspiration.org
Sat Jul 6 04:47:08 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there is anyone on this list who is perhaps a 
former or retired guide dog instructor for one of the schools who 
could help me with my first owner-trained guide dog.

I've had a wonderful dog from one of the major schools for about 9 
years now and he's certainly ready to trade in his harness for 
smelling p-mail and other odiferous delights.

I've seen the hit or miss potential at the schools and the delays and 
trade-offs with a "production dog" and would like to explore the idea 
of a privately trained "custom" guide dog.

This would be in Manhattan primarily with a little country work and 
other diversions as required.  I'm good with the extra work and cost 
it will take to do my own owner/private trained dog.

Ideally, we'd start with a pup at about 7 weeks but I'm open to the 
idea of a well-adjusted and more easily "matched" adolescent.

As the availability of former or retired instructors is of general 
interest to this group, I think it would be helpful to other folks if 
you replied to my post in a general way and we can discuss details off-list.

Thank you,


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