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Does the ACB charge for the dog users to have the privilege of having relief areas. Also, there was more than one relief area, yes? I thought they used wood chips, not sand. 


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> Hi, Danielle.  I know what you mean by the topics you raised.
> A C B uses a company or two whose only job is to deal with relief areas.
> I'd like for Nagdu to figure out how to do the same thing.  I apprecaite the
> work our national Center does to ensure adequate relief areas, but, I'd like
> to see a company who does this type of work do this type of work for us.
> Margo and Arrow
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> Hi everyone,
> It was awesome meeting some of you at convention last week. Valla and I
> didn't attend Monday night's NAGDU meeting because she got snapped at by not
> 1 but 2 dogs. I'm the first to admit that she did distract on these other
> dogs but I corrected and we were almost past them when they jumped out from
> under their handlers' chairs and tried to come at her. Needless to say, she
> was way too wound up to go anywhere after that.
> Anyway, I noticed a lot of things during the week that shocked me, made me
> think and made me very happy. First of all, I'll say that this was my first
> convention so I don't know if some of these things are commonplace at
> convention or not. I was sort of shocked by the size of the park area for
> the dogs. It was about the size of a single parking space and from what I
> understand, there were a couple hundred dogs in attendance. I felt that this
> was way too small of a space for all those dogs. Not to mention that it's
> filled with sand which gets pretty sludgy with waste and rain water. Valla
> wouldn't set foot in the box and I didn't blame her. As I understand it, the
> White Cane fund takes care of the park areas and I also am aware that it
> costs money to set up these relief areas. Is there anything that we as a
> division can be doing to make the area bigger or cleaner? Furthermore, as
> the week went on, I noticed a lot of accidents near the escalators that were
> just left behind for someone else to clean up. Valla had her accidents as
> well; I'm not saying that they don't happen but I thought we were supposed
> to try to clean them up and tell someone from the hotel staff about it. I
> know that these were near escalators but I feel like that's no excuse. If
> you're at the bottom of the escalator when it happens, step aside and let
> people through but don't just walk away.
> That being said, I'm sure there were plenty of handlers who did stand by the
> messes and did their best to clean them up.
> I was really surprised by the amount of people who were on phones, eating,
> talking or goofing off while working their dogs too. again, not trying to
> imply that these things don't happen but it was frustrating when someone
> else was too busy doing something else while his or her dog distracted on
> other people or dogs.
> I did, however, meet a whole bunch of people who genuinely inspired me with
> the bonds they have with their dogs and the way they worked as a team. Valla
> and I just met in October of 2012 so we're still feeling each other out. It
> was just amazing to see teams that flow together so beautifully.
> anyway, that's just my take on the week. Hope everyone's having a good
> Tuesday.
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