[nagdu] Retirement Please Pass Along

Doug Parisian eggmann at mymts.net
Fri Jul 19 03:22:48 UTC 2013

Jessica, have you considered contacting your local Humane society and/or 
related organizations.

When I retired my Guide Dog Miss Payton two years ago, I did indeed contact 
several animal welfare services in Winnipeg as well as friends.  If there is 
a heaven on earth for retiring Guide Dogs, I found it for Miss Payton.  I 
visited the intended retirement place 3 or 4 times and the couple was 
absolutely besotted with her.  I had several whack jobs emailing me but they 
only wanted the status of having one of those amazing dogs; they were pretty 
easy to see through.  My dog is nobody's trinket!

Doug: barking up the right tree.

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: Hello,
: I don't know if this is allowed but I am giving it a shot. My husband 
: a mailing list type so here goes. Alex is retiring his guide Figby in
: December. He is 9 and in great health. He is slow and definitely more
: distracted which is why it is time for Alex to get a new dog. We want to
: keep him but just can't because we are doing the apartment living right 
: Figby is a black lab from GDB, weighs about 75 lbs, and does bark on
: occasion when playing and waiting on  dinner. He loves his own bed and
: really loves kids. We would prefer him go to anyone on the east coast who
: wouldn't mind staying in touch with us and maybe a visit or two if 
: We are willing to transport him to the new home and or work out a
: comfortable arrangement with anyone who is interested. Please if anyone is
: or know of anyone, pass my email along. At the beginning of Jan. Alex is
: going to Guiding Eyes for his second dog hopefully, so we really want Mr.
: Figby to have a home before we go on Christmas Vacation to FL.
: Thanks,
: Jessica, Alex, Figby, And Saunders Who Loves His Brother So Much
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