[nagdu] rest for the soul...good or bad?

daniel gutz2020 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 09:23:31 UTC 2013

Hey guys! I just got back from the seeing eye with my new dog, Irene, a
golden retriever/black lab mix. Down at the school, training was pretty
tiring because we were going all the time but now that I'm back home, I'm
not going so much for a bit. My activity level will pick back up in about a
week when I move out for college and start learning new routes and what not.
My question is (probably pretty stupid to ask): is it bad for my dog to get
about a week "off"? I mean, we'll still be working and what not just.not too
terribly hard. 

Sorry if this is too dumb of  a question. It's just something I didn't ask
down at the school.



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