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hello melissa, i got my guide dog when i was  years old.  and i 
had some vision at the time.  but i lost it a year after i came 
home with my dog.  it was up to me to apply for my dog.  i had 
supporte from my family and it worked great.
 there are positive things about having a dog.  it has made me 
become more independent.  and able to go places on my own.
i mostely travel everyware in the bay areia.  with my dog.  we've 
been together for years.  and it's worth it.

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>I am new to this list so I though I would just start off with an 
introduction and then some questions. 

>Well, first of all, my name is Melissa and although I am not a 
guide dog user I am a cane user.  I'm in college pursuing a 
degree in psychology and I will be moving back to my hometown 
once I graduate.  I'm considered legally blind, so I do have 

>Because of the condition I have, I was not taught to use a cane 
until my senior year of high school.  I actually had to fight in 
order to get cane lessons, but since then, I just about take my 
cane everywhere with me.  It helps a lot more than using my 
vision and stressing my eyes....

>Now, some questions: 

>I am not considering getting a guide dog now but I do want to 
keep it as an option if I decide that it would help me in my 
travels.  So my question is, what was ultimately you deciding 
factor in getting a guide dog? 
>What are some advantages and disadvantages in using a guide dog? 
>For those of you who have vision, did you encounter problems with 
the guide dog schools saying that a guide dog would not benefit 
you because you have "too much" vision? 
>Ultimately, this is my greatest fear.  I'm scared of encountering 
criticism by guide dog schools and "blindness professionals" 
about whether a guide dog would benefit me or not.  A lot of 
people with my condition function well without a cane or a dog so 
would this be used against me if I were to apply? 

>I am looking forward to hearing your responses and advice. 

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