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Personally, I don't like the follow command. I used it a lot with my first
few dogs, but eventually quit, because I preferred to have the person walk
behind me and give directions. My now retired guide, Bianca, though probably
the absolute best, smartest and most initiative dog I ever had, would become
lazy if she followed too much. She never would walk right off a curb or
anything, but she would do things like not stop at the edge of wheel chair
ramps before walking into a parking lot or street. She never did that kind
of thing if she was working in a normal way, waiting for my commands and
focused on me instead of following the other person. Also for me, in a
crowded place like a mall or airport, it can be difficult to hear a person
walking ahead of me, so having my dog follow makes me a bit nervous, since I
might not hear if the person turned and my dog didn't follow. Having the
person walk behind me and give directions works much better for me.

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Hi everyone,


                GDA ran out of time, so they didn't talk much about a
"follow" command, and I'd really rather not do that, as Roxy seemed to
become too dependent because of it; wouldn't I just ask the leader to give
me directions, so I can direct Huck?


Darla & hardworking Huck




Darla J. Rogers


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