[nagdu] Meetings Between Dogs

Larry D. Keeler lkeeler at comcast.net
Thu Sep 12 15:50:58 UTC 2013

My pet peeve is that other folks think differently about dog meetings. They feel that there dog can do whatever it wants to where as your dog can't! I've had folks with both pets and service dogs march up to me and try and have them meet Holly! Holly sure doesn't mind but I sure do! Usually this happens whil working. And, when I control or correct Holly tghey have the nerve to get mad at me for not letting my dog play! And of course, they do this without asking! On a similar not, but this time concerning meetings with humans, I think I offended swomeone yesterday! I was on the bus and a man kept talking to Holly. I explained that if he continued Holly would get in trouble! He did stop but kept going on about how we were unfair to our dogs because we wouldn't visit folks or sniff them! I did explain to him about those things being distractions and in the case of sniffing, sometimes offensive but He just k3ept rambbling on! Anyway, the point is whether human or dog, there has to be aggreed on rules for encounters. First, ask!!! You bring little Fido and let him run under Holly's nose while trying to work her and I'll talk with you! If you bring your dog over to my place, ask first at least. I'll usually allow that but, if its a dod we don't know, I want to be here! And, everyone thinks there dog is perfe4ct! They're wouldn't do anything wrongg! I learned at Pilot that if you tease someone because there dog cuts up, your probably next! And, every situation is different. Some dogs don't really like other dogs. Some dogs don't like everone! And, some folks don't know the difference between dog working and dog playing! Holly has met several dogs who were also working and laid by a few. But, before I put dogs together, I always ask the other handler or pet owner. 
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