[nagdu] Problem with other dogs in the apartment complex

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Hi Jewel,
This is precisely why I don't relieve my dog on grass in apartment 
complexes.  People let their dogs poop there and don't pick up and people 
also tend to drop trash there and Landon might eat something I don't want 
him to eat.  I relieve Landon on the street in front of my complex and pick 
up.  I occassionally will drop a pail of hot water on it to wash away the 

Hope your manager will send notices out to all residents about picking up 
after their dogs.  This has caused my complex to ban dogs - except for my 
guide dog.  I've lived here for so long that I've seen periods of time when 
dogs were allowed and also when they were not.

Lyn and Landon
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> Hi all,
> I break my guide dog in the grassy area outside my apartment. It is 
> convenient and Faye appreciates nut going too far when it is raining. 
> However, ever since I brought her home, I have had problems with the other 
> dog owners in the complex. Someone's dog keeps relieving on the sidewalk 
> directly in front of my apartment building and they are not picking it up. 
> It happens once to twice a week. I have complained to the leasing office, 
> and they said they would look out for it, but since I don't actually know 
> who it is, they can't do much. What can I do about this? People are also 
> breaking their dogs in the grass and I have stepped in it twice. It is 
> really disgusting and I don't know how to resolve this problem.
> -Jewel
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