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Dear Raven,

	I'd like to see the schools themselves, be more descriptive of the
kinds of dogs they train--traits  they see, etc.--less about the rooms and
food, and the like, if this is making sense to everyone.
	Also some schools seem to have requirements that aren't spelled out
clearly--like having X number of routes traveled X times per week,
etc.--though this wouldn't be the purpose of the survey of which Marion
speaks, right?
Darla & hardworking Huck

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Okay, so a few times a month, emails come into the list, from people asking
about which guide dog school the listers would recommend they attend or
Would it be possible to have someone or a group of people comprise a list of
the various guide dog schools in the US and there most notable qualities and
most undesirable qualities? It would be nice to just access a website or
document with this information rather than having to look at several
different websites, make several different phone calls, and send a handful
of emails. This would at least make it easier to narrow down potential
schools to two or three, then do some further investigation.
I also think that it would make people aware that there are different kinds
of guide dog programs to choose from. Some people don't even know that
certain schools exist.
I understand that this would be very subjective as for what people think are
desirable or undesirable. Also, schools change training methods, breeds in
training, and other things from time to time, so this list would have to be
It would be nice if the old guide dog school survey would be updated, but
where's the progress on that?
What do you guys think?

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