[nagdu] No Progress with Resort Yet

Darla Rogers djrogers0628 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 22 14:30:41 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,


                The manager allegedly left for the day even though I told
she was on the property when I called and asked to speak with her.


                I talked with the front desk person and said my friend had
called asking about guide dogs, and the person told me, that since they are
not a pet-friendly hotel, I needed paperwork to show that Huck is a guide.


                I asked her if she realized that the hotel is breaking the
ADA law and that the law states that I could only be asked what tasks my dog


                I think manager is still around doing her research but won't
call back until tomorrow.


                And, how long has the ADA been in force?


Darla & hardworking Huck




Darla J. Rogers


djrogers0628 at gmail.com




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