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I'm sorry Darla. C
Are to name the organization that wouldn't let you join? Seems like they
should be named and shamed. 
As for your friend, this sort of emotional stress is one of many reasons I'm
glad I don't use a dog. I know this doesn't help you. It does remind me of
the same issue I had over ten years ago when my husband and I were taking a
trip someplace. Totally a pita for me, and disappointing to know this sort
of thing still goes on. 

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A friend and I plan to spend a week at the Pepper Tree Resort in North
Myrtle Beach, SC; she told them I have a guide dog; now they want to see
paperwork.  Personally, I believe they are a public accommodation and thus
my dog should not have even needed to be motioned, but you can't cont5rol
what a sighted person says.

                My husband and I were excluded from a senior organization
that, among other things, took day trips to places--and perhaps even some
overnighters--but a relative had to interject that I have a guide dog, and
you can guess the rest of the story.




Darla J. Rogers

djrogers0628 at gmail.com


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