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I don't know why the schools can't say "We use a b and c criteria because
that is what has worked in the past". They could also say "And sometimes we
guess along with these criteria". 
I am not sure why the mystery aspect is even a factor.

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The last 2 times I was at GDB, my trainer called me before I came to talk
about the dogs they had in mind for me.  They told me some of the
characteristics of each, and asked if I had a preference.  I really liked
that.  I had some idea of what I was going to get, and could get used to the
idea.  Last time a friend went to TSE, they actually let her try out the 2
prospective dogs, and discussed the traits of each at length.  In the end,
she chose the one she wanted, and was ready for the challenges it presented.
I like that, too.
Somehow, it seems traditional to keep the match a mystery until it happens,
but it doesn't really have to be that way, and perhaps it shouldn't be,
especially if the student and school have a long-standing relationship, so
that the school has a pretty good idea of what the student needs.

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