[nagdu] Getting a Guide Dog

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Leader has the AMP, or Accelerated Mobility Program which anyone can use to
enhance their cane skills; no commitment to LD.  They do indeed use buses
which for many of us, this is what we use in everyday travel, and it is a
make-sense approach.


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Well, I do know that Leader has a number of mobility training programs. Some
also include cane travel. Like any other school, I've seen both good and bad
teams from them. I also know you have to take a bus into town to do city
work. One of the reasons I liked Pilot was you could do more realistic work
in the city. They were off the city bus route so you could practice catching
the bus and messing around downtown without waiting for a van. We used the
van for country work or in the beginning for work in parks and such. By the
end of class, folks were going in the van, on the bus and working the
neighborhood. Depending what folks needed to work on, we could split up into
smaller groups and work on it instead of making the whole class work on the
same stuff. Leader however, has a lot of programs. Anywhere frome the summer
camp for kids where they can try using a dog to brush up programs for
students who feel they need to review techniques. I went to Pilot for the
poodles! Otherwise, I probably would have went to Leader.  Notice the
subject change! Dog Guide just doesn't sound right to me! It might be just
me but I like putting what the dog does first. 
Intelligence is always claimed but rarely proven!
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