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Much like we do, dogs have all kinds of personalities. Some can be more
stand-offish. I have other disabilities, so I can't get on the floor with my
dogs. My alternative, and you can't do this if you're at a training school,
was to allow them on the bed, and once I reached the point of the floor
being impossible for me, I let them on my couch. Ask your trainer how the
dog likes to play. And what type of off work attention they like. And just
remember, some dogs can be more solitary, and it isn't a reflection on how
much they love you or are bonded to you.

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I am so discouraged. The new dog I have been placed with is a lab. I have
Ms, a form of Md, am legally blind. I have no pheriperal vision, and my
central vision is not stable and decreasing.My dog seemd to have excellent
bracing skills and we are working on the guide skill
The peoblem is his perdonality. He is very standoffish from me. Even ignores
me in free time and prefers to play alone. Its depressing.is their any hope?

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