[nagdu] Review: Pawz boots

Raven Tolliver ravend729 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 17:43:11 UTC 2014

Hi Tracy,
I'm glad you like the Pawz boots!
You definitely get bang for your buck since these last a longtime, and
12 come in a pack. I haven't lost one yet.
When I used to live in a dorm, there were parts of the path to the
dorm where some wicked deep puddles would form. While wearing these
booties, the Golden Guy would wade through these puddles, and upon
return, I would find that his feet weren't even damp.
I notice too that the golden guy didn't try to gallop or walk super
fast when I first put these on him. The dogs still have to get used to
them, but they're far better than the clunky boots.
One thing you have to watch for when you're pulling the booties up is
making sure all your dog's toes are straight inside the booty.
Sometimes, a toe will bend inside the booty while putting them on. It
doesn't hurt the dog obviously, but just watch for that before you
head out.
Again, glad you love them!

On 1/4/14, Tracy Carcione <carcione at access.net> wrote:
> Today, for the first time, I tried the Pawz boots Raven recommended.  They
> look like little thick rubber balloons.  They seemed to work well.  Ben did
> not slip at all, and they kept his feet dry and clean.  We lost one on our
> first trip, possibly because it was the first one I put on, and I didn't
> pull it up as far as the others.  However, they are pretty cheap, and come
> in a 12-pack, so losing one is not a big deal.  All the boots stayed on on
> our return trip.
> Ben did a big scamper spin when I first put them on, but I decided boots
> were a treat event, and he stopped scampering very quickly when he saw I was
> headed for the kitchen and the kibble.
> He seemed comfortable walking in the boots, no prancing at all.
> When we got back, I washed off the boots and hung them to dry for a bit, and
> now they're good as new.
> I'm happy with this boot purchase.
> Tracy
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