[nagdu] Moving away from correction collar

Karyn & Thane bcpaws4me at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 14:33:15 UTC 2014

This is a great move to make. Dr Dodds book, The Canine Thyroid Epidemic 
Answers you need for your dog (available on bookshare), mentions research 
into a correlation between collar use and thyroid damage. They recommend 
connecting the leash to either a head halter (GL, halti, Newtrix, Snoot 
Loop, etc) or to a harness directly.
Though this isn't feasible in all situations, the less pressure put on the 
neck the better.
Flat collars, martingales, break-away (with both D rings connected to make 
it flat collar style) are going to be easier on the dogs thyroid than a 
correction collar.
I take this new information seriously since Thane is hypothyroid and 
recently switched from a collar to the newtrix head halter with Thane.

Karyn and Thane 

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