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Mon Jul 7 23:10:56 UTC 2014

aren't free dental cleanings offered for service animals in the fall?
Perhaps you could wait to schedule an appointment rather than dropping
so much money right now.
Also, there is a homeopathic remedy that can be put into drinking
water that destroys plaque and tartar. It is called Fragaria Vesca.
It can be purchased from:
Select dental care in the drop down to find the remedy.
Last I checked the site, this remedy was under $30.
Here's what the site says about Fragaria Vesca .
Fragaria Vesca is used for softening and removing tartar and dental
plaque that can cause gingivitis and decay. Apply a few drops Fragaria
Vesca around gums prior to flossing. Fragaria Vesca in 3OC potency for
severe or chronic problems.
Using Fragaria while flossing provides protection against plaque build
up. Plaque build up can lead to gingivitis.
Gingivitis left untreated can progress into periodontitis, a more
severe gum disease that can compromise integrity of tooth sockets.
Customers are telling us that their teeth feel much cleaner with
Fragaria Vesca. Fragaria Vesca may be helpful to prevent formation of
calculi. Safe and natural-Fragaria Vesca is a homeopathic remedy from
woodland strawberry. Use Fragaria Vesca with proper brushing and
flossing to aid in preventing plaque build up. Fragaria Vesca provides
pain relief around tender gum pockets.
Plaque creates unfavorable bacterial acids that harm gums. Plaque
hardens into tartar/calculus within 72 hours. Apply a dropper of
Fragaria Vesca onto gums directly after eating to help with
sensitivity, and painful gums.
Fragaria Vesca is used for problems of deep pockets, gingivitis, and
sensitive teeth. Easy to use dropper to apply around the gum line. Can
use with your regular toothpaste. Use Fragaria Vesca after each meal
or as needed for pain or problem teeth. Use 1 dropper full as needed,
no shaking or diluting needed.
In addition to Fragaria Vesca's use for dental concerns, the remedy is
listed in materia medica for other problems such as symptoms of
biliousness, chilblains, convulsions, erysipelas, gonorrhea, tapeworm
and urticaria.
1 fluid oz in an food grade corn alcohol base.
For pets, use our pellets.

On 7/7/14, Tracy Carcione via nagdu <nagdu at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Thanks guys.  Becky, I brush his teeth every day just because my schools
> said it was a good thing to do, but, now youmention it, his breath has
> gotten noticeably worse.  I wouldn't say it's a bitter smell, though, more a
> kind of slobbery smell.
> It sounds like the pain pills might just be a precaution, and it's not so
> bad, from your description.
> I'd rather do Hannah's way, but Ben is not crazy about me messing with his
> mouth, which, in itself, might be indicating a problem.
> Guess I'll have to bite the bullet and schedule the appointment.
> Thanks.
> Tracy
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>>I rarely clean my dog's teeth, but when I do, I run my nail over the teeth
>> and scrape off anything that isn't smooth. Then I brush there teeth with
>> a
>> wet rag, preferably terrycloth.
>> Had my first dog's cleaned once, then learned this technique. Jake is
>> nine
>> and a half, the vet is amazed how white his teeth are. Now truly other
>> then
>> a very bad oder, you can't generally tell if the dog has deeper problems
>> then just dirty plaquing on the teeth. So that might be what is going on.
>> Not so much the teeth are dirty, he suspects something else that should
>> appear to your nose as well. It is beyond doggie breath, kind of a bitter
>> smell.  Perhaps infection in the gum or a bad tooth that needs pulled.
>> Vets
>> aren't good communicaters, so they talk in general. Perhaps that bad
>> smell
>> is why you brush the dog's teeth evry day, Becky shrugs shoulders.
>> With that first teeth cleaning, neither he nor I knew Baylor had a broken
>> tooth. He wore a cone for a week or so. I think I soked his food,
>> probably
>> pain pills that was eighteen years ago, so don't remember exactly.
>> So sniff for the bad oder kind of bitter all penetratingly bad smell.
>> Then
>> call back or go back for a quick consult to see what he suspects.
>> The vet's office will do a blood test to see if the dog can handle
>> anastetics. This is a safe way to go. Baylor had to stay overnight. The
>> longest night of my life. Then he got picked up by me, got the meds and
>> off
>> we went home. I  don't remember him being sleepy except when I gave him
>> the
>> pill. Otherwise he was just as happy as he could be, smile.
>> Becky and the happy pup Jake
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>> I brush Ben's teeth every day, but the vet says he's getting some tartar
>> build-up, and will need a teeth-cleaning sooner or later.  It sounds like
>> kind of a big deal, involving a day's stay at the vet and pain pills
>> after.
>> I've never had a dog who needed a teeth-cleaning.  Has anyone else?  Was
>> it
>> a big deal?
>> Tracy
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