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I've had that happen before, too, with the email going just back to the
sender instead of to the entire list. Sometimes, you have to use reply all
instead of reply. Even though I work with computers, there are still certain
aspects of them that I don't even pretend to understand. Our loveable pups
are more predictable than computers.
Your description of the large male German shepherd reminds me of one of the
male puppies who was raised near where I lived when I was younger. I don't
remember how old he was, but he was not full grown, and he was bigger than
one of the fairly good sized full grown female German shepherds.
The animals being nervous about your cane makes sense, especially if they
have not seen one before. Besides not wanting to stash it somewhere, that's
one of the reasons that I don't take my cane with me when I go horseback


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Oops. This accidentally went just private instead of to the list.


I plan to blog, perhaps podcast as well. 

I went to see the breeder on Saturday. Met her and her dogs. Sharon is very
no nonsense, very direct, doesn't mince words. I liked her a lot. I liked
her dogs (and cats), and they all seemed to equally approve of me, although
the cane made them a bit nervous. They were OK once I put it away though. 

Granit, the male, was BIG! I mean about up to my waist big. I mean a hundred
pounds and maybe a bit more big! HUGE head. He was looking pretty good
though and was very friendly. Sharon had to tell him to stop licking. Her
and me both. I didn't mind especially. From afar, he looks like he's black,
but he's got a red undercoat, so really it's just the tips of the fur that
are black. Comb it back and you'll see the red under. 

Cecania (AKA CC) was a lot smaller, with a rougher coat, probably closer to
60 pounds. She was thin like many GSD's, but still in nice shape. She'd run
up every so often, but she didn't stay still for long. 

Grischa was my pal for most of the visit. This is the girl that Sharon
believes will be the right mother for my pup. I think Grischa approves.
She's a big bigger than CC, and, unlike CC, has some meat on her bones.
Super laid back, although Sharon tells me that she changes when she has
puppies and is very protective of them. Also tells me that she's the guard
dog. Anyway, she and Granit both have nice thick coats, and of course, all
have those great GSD ears. Anyway, grischa laid next to me for most of my
visit, as I sat on Sharon's kitchen floor. She practically crawled up into
my lap at one point. 

We visited for over an hour talking dogs, breeding, dogs, other critters,
dogs, and.we might have mentioned a thing or two about dogs. She sees the
same vet I do, and she tells me that the vet has referred several folks to
her for pups, so I'll have to remember to ask them about her. 

She believes Grischa will have pups near the end of the year, and they'll be
ready to take home in February. That's how she thinks it will happen. CC,
she believes, will have pups first. Although she also said things might
change, and sometimes nature foils our plans and changes things up, and
Grischa might go first, though she seemed to believe CC would be first
followed by Grischa. February would be just about perfect, even if I
wouldn't say no tomorrow, the parents were just such nice dogs.

If you want to find out more and see Sharon's dogs, she's building a web
page. It's still under construction, but there's stuff there anyway:

On Jul 7, 2014, at 9:44 AM, Marsha Drenth <marsha.drenth at gmail.com> wrote:

> Buddy, what a major and wonderful undertaking. I'm sure that you'll do
wonderfully at training your new puppy. It would be very interesting to hear
how this all goes. Do you plan on blogging or podcasting?
> Keep us updated,
> Marsha drenth
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> On Jul 1, 2014, at 6:17 PM, Buddy Brannan via nagdu <nagdu at nfbnet.org>
>> Hi,
>> Well, been talking about it for years, and now I've decided I'm jumping
>> I've decided that I'm going to train my next guide dog. 
>> First, I want to make one thing very clear. I have nothing but the utmost
respect for guide dog schools. This isn't some anti-authoritarian down with
the establishment thing. In fact, I may never do this thing again after the
one time. Or maybe I will. No one knows, not even me. This is just a thing
I'm doing because I want the experience of raising and training my next
guide dog, simple as that. I'm under no delusions here; I don't, for
instance, think that I'll do as thorough a job with traffic training as the
Seeing Eye does, but, and meaning to cast no aspersions, I don't think
*anyone* does as thorough a job of traffic training as Seeing Eye does. I
do, however, believe that I will do a safe and adequate job of it,
otherwise, I won't pass my dog out of training. 
>> In this case, and for my purposes, this is more about the journey than it
is about the destination, important as that destination is. Whether I take
two years or three, or even whether I (and my dog) am/are successful, I will
have the experience, and I expect to learn something valuable from it. 
>> I'm in no rush. Leno and I are coming up on our fourth anniversary at the
end of August. That means, if he holds to pattern, I've got at least two
more years of working with him, and he's showing no signs of slowing down.
Even if I started with a puppy today, I don't anticipate being done any time
before dog's second birthday, and probably later, and really, I'm *not*
starting with a puppy today. 
>> I'll be visiting with a breeder on Saturday. I'll be surprised if I have
a new puppy in much less than a year from now. This is a thing I'm nervous
about, excited about, and looking forward to. Also perhaps dreading
slightly, if for no other reason than puppy parking in the middle of the
night. Still, it's exciting stuff, albeit a really, really large undertaking
that has an uncertain outcome. 
>> So that's my bit of fun. I fully expect to be bending the ears of the
owner trainers here, because, well, I'm going in on new territory.
Fortunately, Leno will be around to help me through it. 
>> -Buddy
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