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Along that line, Raven, regarding vaccines, are you completely anti-vaccine?  Jenny's due for her shots, but I am curious as to what are "good" or "bad" vaccines.

I looked into Great Life, but I seem to be unable to buy it in Canada.


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Going grain-free is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately,
grain-free kibble will not fix Jenny's yeast imbalance. Certainly
grains feed yeast, but this is because they survive on the sugars from
starches. So yes, grains are starchy, but then so are potatoes, peas,
and sweet potatoes, the stuff in grain-free kibble. Starches are
necessary to make kibble because it makes the cereal, it holds the
stuff together. Without starches, kibble would be dust. In short,
you're just trading one poison for another.
I strongly advise reading the below article for anyone feeding or
considering grain-free kibble, or if your dog has a yeast imbalance.
As I have said on an earlier post, the healthiest kibble I know of to
date is called great Life. This company makes grain-free and
potato-free recipes. Check them out at greatlife4pets.com.
Obviously, I suggest running from any junk food, also known as
processed food, or dead food. Trading one junk food diet for another
will not resolve health issues. It might not make them worse, but it
definitely won't make them better.
also, some people's dogs continue to have issues even after several
food switches, even after switching to raw. This is because they still
vaccinate their dog, and slather them with and feed them monthly
poisonous pesticides. Dogs immune systems are weakened by the
onslaught of toxins, and simply have a toxin load so heavy that it
hinders the natural ability to fend off pests and ailments, and causes
an imbalance of the internal and external flora.

On 7/7/14, Daryl Marie via nagdu <nagdu at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> hi guys!
> I have made the decision to switch Jenny from Purina ProPlan to another
> brand, Petcurean Go! Fit and Free.  She has experienced what I assume are
> minor yeast infections, brittle nails, and a rather unpleasant smell from
> her feet.  My vet advised switching away from grains if things didn't clear
> up, and they haven't.
> I am able to purchase Go! Fit and Free locally, and I love the review on Dog
> Food Adviser.   Has anyone else fed their dogs this brand, or even heard of
> it?  I know it's Canadian, so it may not be available across the border.
> I would be more than happy to let anyone know my opinion on this food in a
> few weeks once we've made the switch.
> Daryl and Jenny (who is excited to go to the pet health store tomorrow!)
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