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Gary Steeves rainshadowmusic at shaw.ca
Wed Jul 9 21:24:02 UTC 2014

Hi Daryl: 

As you might imagine, having a poodle I'm at the groomers quite often.  I change groomers periodically but mostly it''s based on the haircuts Bogart gets and if they are what I want or not.  I actually took him back to the one in vancouver to get his harir cut the way I like and for the next cut took him back to my local groomer. Thjey did a good job that time b ut the next time when Iwas just getting him trimmed they totally changed his cut, didn't cut  his nails and yet it was one of my most expensive charges. They admitted that it was a bad s day and I could bring bogart back for anything. What I wanted back was some of my money.  

However, i also do listen to bogart. If he won't take me to the door of the groomers then there is something wrong.  This happend at a place close to where I used to live. The second time I took him there he wouldn't find the door for me. I did take him in but never took him back there. After wards he was having issues with his back leg. Thinking that is how they tied him up but don't know. Anyway, never went back there. I didn't like it either since they'd tell me how much it was going to cost but when I got back there'd be an extra charge for this and that.

Even if they have taken bogart out for  pottie he will always want to go as soon as we find grass afterwards.  What he likes is how people talk about him after his hair cut and how wonderful he looks.  :)

So give the groomer a chance and see how jennie responds tghe next time you take her there. I really think it would make things worse if you were there because there is a god chance you'd be anxious and she would pick up on this. We also have to try not to make a bigdeal out of these things ourselves and our dogs will probably not be as upset (I'm saying how I should be, not how I always am)


On July 9, 2014 12:36:40 PM PDT, Daryl Marie via nagdu <nagdu at nfbnet.org> wrote:
>I took Jenny to the groomer's this morning. She lost about 5 pounds of
>hair (ha ha!) and looks and smells great!
>They say she was pretty tentative and nervous having her bath; she
>didn't go pee while she was in the courtyard playing with the other
>dogs.  This was
>made evident when she dragged me over to the door, we walked down the
>steps and onto the grass, and (harness and all) made a big massive pee!
>She does not (at all!) like to get wet.  Poor girl!
>I guess my question is this: is it likely the groomer, or my dog?  Is
>this something that may improve with another groomer? Or will more
>exposure make
>it a more pleasant experience?  Should I be with her next time?
>Daryl and the clean Jenny
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