[nagdu] back from the groomer!

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Daryl, you can also give her a bath once a month and gert her used to being 
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> hey, Gary,
> Thanks for the pointers!  When I take her back in the fall, I will follow 
> her reactions and see if they get better.  We've also invested in a doggie 
> pool for when it gets REALLY hot, so we'll do some fun stuff with her and 
> that and water.  She has a new lease on life, though... she's a happier 
> dog today than she was yesterday, her tail wagging, wanting to show 
> everyone her new clean fur all brushed out, and her guide work has been 
> nearly flawless! Whether that's due to the grooming, new collar, or new 
> food, I don't know, but I like it :)
> Daryl
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> Hi Daryl:
> As you might imagine, having a poodle I'm at the groomers quite often.  I 
> change groomers periodically but mostly it''s based on the haircuts Bogart 
> gets and if they are what I want or not.  I actually took him back to the 
> one in vancouver to get his harir cut the way I like and for the next cut 
> took him back to my local groomer. Thjey did a good job that time b ut the 
> next time when Iwas just getting him trimmed they totally changed his cut, 
> didn't cut  his nails and yet it was one of my most expensive charges. 
> They admitted that it was a bad s day and I could bring bogart back for 
> anything. What I wanted back was some of my money.
> However, i also do listen to bogart. If he won't take me to the door of 
> the groomers then there is something wrong.  This happend at a place close 
> to where I used to live. The second time I took him there he wouldn't find 
> the door for me. I did take him in but never took him back there. After 
> wards he was having issues with his back leg. Thinking that is how they 
> tied him up but don't know. Anyway, never went back there. I didn't like 
> it either since they'd tell me how much it was going to cost but when I 
> got back there'd be an extra charge for this and that.
> Even if they have taken bogart out for  pottie he will always want to go 
> as soon as we find grass afterwards.  What he likes is how people talk 
> about him after his hair cut and how wonderful he looks.  :)
> So give the groomer a chance and see how jennie responds tghe next time 
> you take her there. I really think it would make things worse if you were 
> there because there is a god chance you'd be anxious and she would pick up 
> on this. We also have to try not to make a bigdeal out of these things 
> ourselves and our dogs will probably not be as upset (I'm saying how I 
> should be, not how I always am)
> Gary
> On July 9, 2014 12:36:40 PM PDT, Daryl Marie via nagdu <nagdu at nfbnet.org> 
> wrote:
>>I took Jenny to the groomer's this morning. She lost about 5 pounds of
>>hair (ha ha!) and looks and smells great!
>>They say she was pretty tentative and nervous having her bath; she
>>didn't go pee while she was in the courtyard playing with the other
>>dogs. This was
>>made evident when she dragged me over to the door, we walked down the
>>steps and onto the grass, and (harness and all) made a big massive pee!
>>She does not (at all!) like to get wet. Poor girl!
>>I guess my question is this: is it likely the groomer, or my dog? Is
>>this something that may improve with another groomer? Or will more
>>exposure make
>>it a more pleasant experience? Should I be with her next time?
>>Daryl and the clean Jenny
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