[nagdu] In the Wee Hours of the Morning

Karyn & Thane bcpaws4me at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 23:30:27 UTC 2014

Last night or should I say early this morning, I was awoken to Thane hitting 
his body hard against the back of his crate vibrating my bed.
At first I thought he might still not be feeling well from the heatwave 
effects, but he meant business and I could tell he was unsettled. He 
immediately took me to the front door so after checking the back patio door 
which overlooks the parking lot and ascertaining there was a big problem as 
there were lots of flashing emergency lights out there, I harnessed him up, 
leaving my apartment in my pjs (not even thinking about that little detail)
The building wide fire alarm was blaring, but I was not privy to that being 
deafblind. Thane has always been quite sound sensitive to the fire alarm 
here, but this time, he was all business, doing what needed to be done to 
save me.
Once I got to my front door I smelled the smoke (still seem to have a more 
heightened ability to use my sense of smell though) I had a really difficult 
time getting through the two fire doors, but we did it. Once I got to the 
outside door, a really neat gal grabbed and held it for me.
I couldn't understand her. After I told her I was deafblind she immediately 
began to fingerspell letting me read tactile from her (we didn't even know 
each other before last night) She gave me really helpful information as well 
as helping me to find one of my friends here which helped both Thane and I 
The sprinkler system did its jobon the fire in the unit one floor up across 
the hall from me. The water damage is being dealt with on both the two 
floors-- lots of work ahead, but everybody was OK.
I am just so impressed with Thane's work. We've never had a situation where 
I needed him more than I did while I was sleeping last night.
Something changed in us last night. I realized just how much my wonderful 
sidekick will do for me when danger is knocking at the door. We are both OK 
(albeit a bit rattled from the experience)
When the firemen were leaving the apt across the hall (lots of water damage 
for them), I got to talk to them about safety concerns. They are entering 
information I gave them into the 911 system so that they know to check my 
apt for any emergencies as well as having critical information should I ever 
need to call 911. It's something that I think is very good that I have 
wanted to have done since I moved here. It might be something good for some 
of you to consider as well.
I am definitely putting together a go-bag after this experience. I want to 
be ready to get out the door quickly while also having anything important we 
may need in an emergency.
The bottomline though is that I am just so proud of my little red head. 
Thane totally ROCKED last night.

Karyn and Thane

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