[nagdu] no subject

Mardi Hadfield wolfsinger.lakota at gmail.com
Fri Jul 18 05:30:15 UTC 2014

Barb, Mardi here.When I trained my first guide, I was legally blind but was
a high partial at that time. I had trained my dog as a wheelchair mobility
dog, so I just trained her to guide me.I did not get cane training until
later on.Also at that time,I still wore my glasses.I am on my third and
fourth dogs at this time and consider my self a low partial now.I still
have some sight but when I use my dogs, I do not use it.I completely trust
my dogs.I did a blind fold test,even crossing busy streets with Shaman. I
did not do that test with Neechee, but I know I can trust her so I do.I do
use my cane from time to time when I can't use the dog.If you really want
to get a guide dog,keep using your cane and talk to other schools.You need
to tell them the reasons that a guide would help you.You can show them that
you can get around well using a cane but would feel safer with a guide
dog.If they think that you can get around with out a cane with just your
vision,they will not give you a dog.I hope that if you feel that you really
want and need a guide dog, that you are able to get one.   Mardi and Shaman
and Neechee.


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