[nagdu] Do Dogs Get Lonely?

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Hi , so sorry to hear that it is sad and hard to loose any of our pets, weather guide or not. 
Dogs are pack animals, so one of the pack is now not there. Yes your dog is morning the loss of his pack mate. Now your dog has to figure out how that has change things. Dogs do need a time to morn the loss of a pack mate, even if they were not big play buddies, they were still in the pack. The same thing is like when kids go off to collage and the animals are now left 
I am told the best thing to do is to keep things normal, do all the things you do everyday and let the dog deal. If she stops eating and not working, you would want to talk to your vet, but it sounds like your dog is dealing with it and just morning the loss of a friend. 
Plus you are sad and she picks up on that and is quiet, so the two of you can get through the loss together. 
Let it run it's course and I think both of you will be fine. 

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Not anthroporphizing here but do dogs get lonely when other dogs are gone? I had to put down my little dog Pez Sunday after having him for almost 15 yeqars. Although, Pez didn't play much, they did get along well. This week, Holly does eat, drink and work normally. However, she is much quieter than usual and isn't playing much. She is really acting normally for the most part but you can tell something is different. Its an interesting speculation because for the most part dogs live in the moment. So, does she miss Pez because he is not here or because he was sick and knows he is gone? 
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