[nagdu] Flea/tic preventatives?

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Pest preventatives are not preventatives; they are pesticides. They
kill bugs, they don't stop them from biting your dog, they just kill
the insects after an attack. That even goes for the heart worm
poisons. The poisons just kill the larvae, they don't stop your dog
from getting heart worms. And in addition to killing the bugs, they
are damaging to the body.

Article: Your Dog And Toxic Flea And Tick Prevention

Rather than working retroactively, I find it most beneficial to
actively repel pests altogether. Personally, I don't waste money on
the pest poisons. I live in West michigan, where bugs are only a
concern for about five months out of the year. And frankly, I'm not
concerned about them.
Back when I started feeding raw, I decided I would naturally rear my
dog altogether. No processed foods or allopathic
medicine, toxic pest prevention or grooming chemicals, heavy
metal-laden water , and no more toxic household products. I threw out
the Vectra 3d and Heart Guard right away.
It was winter, and I didn't know how I would deal with pest
prevention. But I had 4 months to research that. In my research, a
fellow natural-rearer raised the question Why are you afraid of bugs?
Why are you focusing on preventing sickness? If you support the immune
system, there will not be any bugs or sicknesses to worry about. She
said to stop being afraid, to trust the laws of natural health, and to
give the immune system the credit it deserves and allow it to work the
way it is supposed to. So that is what I do. I put into practice the 8
laws of natural health, and my dog is pest and parasite-free. When
Spring first hit, I would rub essential oils on, or rub him down with
coconut oil, or spray him down with cider vinegar. But he hated all of
that except the coconut oil. Whenever I added anything strong-smelling
to his coat, he would go into a fit of trying to rub the smell off on
the carpet and furniture. He obviously didn't enjoy the treatment, so
I stopped. Why put him through unnecessary distress?
I decided to just stop being afraid of bugs, support my dog's immune
system, and trust mother nature. The Golden Guy is an earth dog,
believe me. He loves rolling in the grass, digging in the dirt,
running through the woods, and swimming in the ponds and creeks. He
does all of those things, and I have not found a single bug on him.
If I lived in an area like the humid south, I would use a combination
of an essential oil blend called No Bites!, food-grade DE, and neem
oil to repel pests. Obviously, those things must be applied pretty
much every time you step outside, or every 8 hours at the very least.
But to me, that is worth keeping my dog healthy and minimizing his
exposure to poisons.

On 7/26/14, Nicole Torcolini via nagdu <nagdu at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Interesting. I stick with the comfortus. I do not really like the type that
> you have to apply directly to the skin of the dog. The only problem that I
> have had with comfortus is that it occasionally makes Lexia sick to her
> stomach, but I reduce the chances of that by giving her pepcid when I give
> her comfortus and not doing any high level activities afterwards.
> Nicole and Lexia
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> Hi Daryl,
> I live in New Orleans which is basically, the swamp.  ideally I would like
> to use natural methods but unless you want to spend hours a day, picking
> fleas, and dealing with the yard, then we give flea preventive. Heart Worm
> preventive too.
> My dogs take ivermectin which is meant for livestock. This is because I
> have
> several dogs and it's cheaper plus the beef flavored stuff is lost on my
> dogs who hate it.
> As for flea preventive, I rotate, one month I use frontline, the next
> advantage, and the next comfortus so my dogs never get the same thing,
> thereby hoping to not make the fleas resistent to any drug.  Sometimes I
> give the same kind 2 months in a row, but not usually.
> Good luck!
>  Rox and the kitchen Bitches:
> Mill'E, Laveau, Soleil
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>> On Jul 26, 2014, at 4:41 PM, Daryl Marie via nagdu <nagdu at nfbnet.org>
> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I am going to be taking Jenny for her yearly vet checkup next week, and
>> am
> considering speaking to my vet about flea and tic preventatives.
>> I know this is important, and money should not be my sole concern, but
>> she
> is on Revolution, which totals considerably more per month than either
> Advantix or Advantage.
>> Has anyone used ay of these? Made a switch from one to another?
>> Thanks,
>> Daryl
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