[nagdu] International Assistance Dog Week

Mardi Hadfield wolfsinger.lakota at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 06:26:42 UTC 2014

Marion, I read through the entire Rules and policies and things that they
mandated.I would not want them looking over my shoulder all the time and
don't agree with a lot of what they want.They mention people who train
there own dog through a Trainer but they do not mention people like me and
several others on the nagdu list, who train our own dogs by just ourselves.
I want no part of ADI!They blatantly go against the ADA in several of their
rules and policies!I have always used positive methods to train my dogs,but
I do use leash corrections if they are needed.Fortunately my dogs rarely
need a leash correction.I am using my dogs,therefore I am keeping up on
their training.My dogs do not act up in public or around other dogs.They do
get distracted from time to time, and I get them refocused by voice
correction. If I need to work on a particular week area of their training,I
do it my self. I don't need any one to tell me what to do or how to act or
any one constantly looking over my shoulder. I would consider that an
invasion of my privacy.I do not want to associate my self with ADI in any
way!  I have always made sure that my dogs are well behaved and washed out
4 dogs from training that were not right for guide work for various
reasons. I am very conscientious about the training my dogs receive from
me. Of course, I am not perfect and have made a dew mistakes, but some how
my dogs came out OK.  Mardi and Shaman and Neechee,Who rarely make mistakes
and never act badly in public.   wilfsinger.lakota at gmail.com


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