[nagdu] Teeth-cleaning

Karyn & Thane bcpaws4me at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 15:23:18 UTC 2014

If its just a little tartar I'd look into a couple other options you can 
begin now and possibly prevent the need for teeth cleaning or at least 
significantly delay its necessity--

1) Bully Sticks. These are awesome for cleaning a dogs teeth. These are not 
to be confused with those edible toothbrushes that have nasty ingredients 
I'd never give my dog as well as having a history of causing obstructions 
and seizures in epileptics, but a natural product made from bull penis. It 
may sound gross to us but its quite natural to your dog. They can make stool 
a little loose in the beginning so go easy as you build up to them. I use 
bullysticks.com and get the 6 inch wide ones for Thane but they have a bunch 
of other kinds (some are quite smelly, others not so much)

2) Petz Life oral spray and gel work to help loosen up tartar. I prefer the 
gel and that is what I brush Thane's teeth with EVERY DAY. It is more 
expensive than toothpaste, but I buy a large bottle on Amazon and it lasts 
me about 5-7 months for Thane (Border Collie) I have used this since he was 
on antibiotics for 9 months due to Lyme Disease.

I would say that both of these options used together did wonders for Thane. 
Petz life loosened the tartar and the bully sticks scrubbed it away.

I would not do a dental without anesthesia though. The vast majority of a 
dogs tooth is unseen to us hidden under the gum. When you do anesthesia 
free, the job is not nearly as complete as it needs to be. This is a really 
good article by Christie Keith (used to run a list I am on) on anesthesia 
free dentistry

Karyn and Thane 

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