[nagdu] Flea/tic preventatives?

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I do give it with a full meal. Lexia has only gotten sick to her stomach a
few times. I don't remember exactly what happened a while back, but I think
that the problem the last time that she had an upset stomach was that I had
given her the pill for the larger breeds because she had put on a little
weight; however, she was not far enough into the upper weight range to take
that dose. I have switched back to the smaller breed dose, and everything
seems fine now. Also, unless I literally pounded the pill into dust, I very
seriously doubt that Lexia would eat food that had Confortis mixed in it.

Nicole and Lexia

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Regarding Comfortis (or even Trifexis which includes heartworm) If you are
not dosing this with a full meal, that is the way to go according to
If your dog is still getting sick, consider crushing it and mixing it into
some canned food first.
Thane used to get sick on it, but after I went to the full meal approach
with him, I never had a problem in that respect with it.
I have the luxury to often go more natural for fleas. We have a few months
where flea meds are necessary, then the rest I can approach it more
naturally with products like cedarcide (not to be used in cat, rodent, or
epileptic family member households)

Karyn and Thane 

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