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You're right, puppy raisers have no rights to public access with dogs in 
training under the ADA.  some state laws do have provisions for dogs in 
training.  I have no idea what the laws in NY are like.

It's all about having a disability and the dog mitigating the disability. 
that's what the ADA is about...ensuring that people with disabilities have 
the same chance as everyone else in employment, shopping, entertainment etc. 
It's not a law about dogs or dog training.


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I am not aware that puppy raisers have the same rights as actual
guide or service dog handlers.  I do not think they do.  And I'm
not so sure that they should.  I believe that many places of
business, etc.  will allow puppy raisers in to work with their
pups, but it is not a guaranteed right.  But perhaps someone else
has more information about this.  I know that Neena's puppy
raisers always asked permission to bring Neena with them.  I also
know that she stayed in hotels, was with them in restaurants, at
plays, etc.  She is a very well-adjusted dog, for which I am
grateful.  But she had very responsible and caring puppy raisers.
Peace,    Debby

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