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Nicole Torcolini ntorcolini at wavecable.com
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I do not know of a good resource for information on different dog foods, but
I can give you tips on how to determine from ingredients what a good food
is. I would recommend Blue Buffalo, which is what I feed Lexia. Their
website says, "•NO chicken (or poultry) by-product meals," and "•NO
artificial colors, flavors or preservatives". Also, "And LifeSource Bits are
cold-formed to help retain the potency of their ingredients. Other brands
process their foods with heat up to 350°, which can degrade the potency of
vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients by up to 75%." Finally, do you know to
what exactly your dog is allergic? You might want to try a grain free diet
before trying one that has fish. What are you feeding now?

Nicole and Lexia

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Hello all,
I am looking to change my dog’s diet and am looking for recommendations of
independent resources or guides that might help me make a decision on what
food would be best vs. cost, etc. I have a 6 year old male golden who is
prone to the itchiness and skin allergies that are apparently fairly common
to his breed. These seem to have gotten worse as he ages. My vet recommended
I switch to a food with salmon or some kind of fish in it but did not
recommend any specific brands. Choosing a dog food is something I have never
really thought about. Where can I go to get informed?


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