[nagdu] discrimination for service pups in training.

Jessica Roberts kittycatforever0214 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 18:50:02 UTC 2014

I sent an email today to the director of the office for students with
disabilities for one of the campuses for which I'm attending next
I obviously want to take my puppy with me because of the exposure to
things, and because its a long time to leave a puppy alone.
I got an email back saying that I could not bring the puppy until its
house broken, because they don't want it having accidents, whining, or
disrupting classes.
My plan was to have puppy in a wheeled carrier for a few weeks anyway
because of house breaking stuff, and also because puppy has not had
all her shots so she'd be safe, too.
She then informed me she'd let her boss contact the colleges lawyer to
get educated about service dogs in training.
Florida Statute 413.08 states that service dogs in training have the
same rights as fully trained guide dogs. Am I right to push this or
should I leave puppy home crated until they think its appropriate?
I don't wanna do the second because of all the socialization things
that'd be missed.
The puppy is fine in a crate and I'm sure will be fine in the carrier
too, the plan was to put her in there with a puppy nylabone, and to
take her out for cuddle and potty time between classes and such.
Thoughts, suggestions, help would be greatly appreciated.

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