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	I am of the opinion that, if we allow businesses to discriminate
against those who choose to use service animals, we are as much to blame for
the promulgation of the ignorant discrimination as those who act in the
discriminatory manner. Until we stand up for our rights and bring businesses
to task, we will never achieve full participation in society on terms of
equality because we allow ourselves to be treated with inequity!

Marion Gwizdala

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HI, Abby,
In this case, I'd probably go ahead and begin to look for a new theraphist
since this particular one doesn't know how to behave themselves nor respect
That's why her dog doesn't behave properly because she allowed that to
My rule of thunb is this...
If Odie is denied or refused access with me, then I find a different route
or business that will respect the two of us.
Others may feel differently about this one, but umtilmately, it's up to you
end the end on what you decide.
Bibi and MAR son Odie
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