[nagdu] just when you think you've heard it all

debby phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 01:27:45 UTC 2014

It's funny because since Neena has come, Lamar plays (which he 
never did before), or very seldom anyway, he comes up when I am 
getting ready to do obedience with Neena or getting ready to go.  
I have done obedience with him, and my husband said that his tail 
went round and round, like a helicopter.  Lol.  He's also helped 
with Neena a lot, though.  I think that she is learning some good 
manners from him.  She can't stand it when she has been 
dillydallying and he comes and I attach the leash to his collar.  
Lol.  So she's starting to come faster when I call.  Lol.  Hey, 
whatever works, right?    Debby and Neena

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