[nagdu] Washington Post: Uber sued for allegedly refusing ridestothe blind and putting a dog in the trunk

Nicole Torcolini ntorcolini at wavecable.com
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This is going to happen with any service that uses apps for scheduling that
does not provide a way for specifying  that you have a service dog. I know
that some people don't like specifying that they have a service dog with
them, but I would rather wait a little longer for someone who will take a
dog than wait at least double time for someone to come, see the dog, and
then get someone else, provided that I realize right away what has happened.
There is another app called taxi Magic, and I have had this happen to me at
least two or three times. There needs to be laws about smart phone apps for
scheduling that say that the app has to allow the user to provide feedback
to the company that the driver drove off when they saw the dog. Taxi Magic
has a ride survey, but you don't get to take it if the driver cancels the
ride, which is what most of the drivers did.


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Hi all, there's another company similar to Uber called Lift.  The same thing
happened to a friend of mine.  He and his dog were supposed to be picked up
at work and driven home.  He lives in another city from our job, and there's
no bus connection between the two.  So when he downloaded LIFT to his phone,
he was given a bunch of free rides, which was their offer for new folks.  
Anyway, the car came to get him and when the driver saw that the blind
person had a dog, he left.  Not sure what he is doing about this.  I had
thought about getting this App and using Lift, but I 
don't exactly want to get stranded.    Peace,    Debby and the 
Golden Neena

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