[nagdu] {Spam?} A shocking experience

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			Send the note you sent to the list to the trainer. 
You handled the situation very well. I'm proud of you. 

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Hello again!

I have to share an experience with you that I had this afternoon when
walking Taylor.

I took him to a meadow where he relieved himself for the last few days and I
was quite happy about how he had reduced the pulling on leash and how he is
already obeying me. So, he got busy and then was sniffing and running around
on the meadow - I had him on a long leash. I don't know the english word for
this type of leash. You know, these ones that automatically get enrolled
when the dog pulls and roll up again we he comes back. Suddenly, however, he
jumped into the bushes on the left side of the meadow. I think he had seen a
bird or something else in there because normally, he would go there slowly
and I could tell him to go elsewhere then. But this time he really jumped
into them. I called him back and he didn't come so I immediately knew
something was wrong. I pulled the leash but it wouldn't move. So I walked
towards the bushes and followed the leash. It had knotted around so many
different branches, going deeper and deeper into the woods. You know, it
weren't ordinary single bushes but like a real maze. Very high with big
branches and thorns everywhere. A person could not even get in it. And then
Taylor started panting so loudly, somewhere in there. I was so scared! I
told him to sit and disentangled the leash from the branches as fast as I
could. When I finally reached the dog, I saw that a part of the leash that
was very close to the collar was rolled around a branch several times and
already very tightly. I wanted to take the leash off of the collar because
it was obvious that Taylor had breathing problems. That was when I saw that
the leash had pulled him to the ground and that it was pressed against his
chest. Its fastener wasn't even at his neck anymore, where the collar
normally is, but was pulled far more towards the ground. I had brought
another, shorter leash in my bag, so I just took the leash off him ASAP and
the other one on. He immediately stopped panting and started breathing
normally again. We then went out of that horrible maze and straight home. 
Only when we were back and here, I noticed how shocked I was. And I am so
angry that this had to happen. The trainer showed me this place and told me
to go there and nowhere else for the first weeks with Taylor. And now the
trainer went home for the weekend and such a thing happened.
I will meet a sighted friend later today and go back and fetch the leash
that's still in the bushes. And then try and find another place for Taylor
to relieve. I'm sure we'll find one without such a high and big bushes next
to it. I''m just very shocked. :-( I think I did nothing wrong because I
took him where the trainer told me to and I used the leash the way he showed


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