[nagdu] {Spam?} A shocking experience

Lisa dreamymarmot93 at yahoo.de
Mon Sep 15 10:29:09 UTC 2014

Hello everybody!
Thanks so much for your support! By now, walking Taylor is fun again but the 
evening after that experience, it was so stressful.
I found another meadow that has trees and coppice also, but not such a thick 
and big one. Sometimes the leash still gets wrapped around a branch or 
something, but that's easy to handle since you can reach them while standing 
on the meadow.
Yes, I'll definitely change things when the training is over. Fortunately, I 
have a friend who is very familiar with everything regarding dogs. She and I 
already talked about what we'll try and change when my graduation is done 
and everything gets more quiet. Like getting a long but not flexible leash 
and alot more.

Tahnks again for your kind messages! :-)
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> Send the note you sent to the list to the trainer.
> You handled the situation very well. I'm proud of you.
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> Hello again!
> I have to share an experience with you that I had this afternoon when
> walking Taylor.
> I took him to a meadow where he relieved himself for the last few days and 
> I
> was quite happy about how he had reduced the pulling on leash and how he 
> is
> already obeying me. So, he got busy and then was sniffing and running 
> around
> on the meadow - I had him on a long leash. I don't know the english word 
> for
> this type of leash. You know, these ones that automatically get enrolled
> when the dog pulls and roll up again we he comes back. Suddenly, however, 
> he
> jumped into the bushes on the left side of the meadow. I think he had seen 
> a
> bird or something else in there because normally, he would go there slowly
> and I could tell him to go elsewhere then. But this time he really jumped
> into them. I called him back and he didn't come so I immediately knew
> something was wrong. I pulled the leash but it wouldn't move. So I walked
> towards the bushes and followed the leash. It had knotted around so many
> different branches, going deeper and deeper into the woods. You know, it
> weren't ordinary single bushes but like a real maze. Very high with big
> branches and thorns everywhere. A person could not even get in it. And 
> then
> Taylor started panting so loudly, somewhere in there. I was so scared! I
> told him to sit and disentangled the leash from the branches as fast as I
> could. When I finally reached the dog, I saw that a part of the leash that
> was very close to the collar was rolled around a branch several times and
> already very tightly. I wanted to take the leash off of the collar because
> it was obvious that Taylor had breathing problems. That was when I saw 
> that
> the leash had pulled him to the ground and that it was pressed against his
> chest. Its fastener wasn't even at his neck anymore, where the collar
> normally is, but was pulled far more towards the ground. I had brought
> another, shorter leash in my bag, so I just took the leash off him ASAP 
> and
> the other one on. He immediately stopped panting and started breathing
> normally again. We then went out of that horrible maze and straight home.
> Only when we were back and here, I noticed how shocked I was. And I am so
> angry that this had to happen. The trainer showed me this place and told 
> me
> to go there and nowhere else for the first weeks with Taylor. And now the
> trainer went home for the weekend and such a thing happened.
> I will meet a sighted friend later today and go back and fetch the leash
> that's still in the bushes. And then try and find another place for Taylor
> to relieve. I'm sure we'll find one without such a high and big bushes 
> next
> to it. I''m just very shocked. :-( I think I did nothing wrong because I
> took him where the trainer told me to and I used the leash the way he 
> showed
> me.
> Lisa
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