[nagdu] Entertaining doggie while sick?

Daryl Marie crazymusician at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 14 01:32:17 UTC 2014


Thanks a ton!  I have rested/slept all day more or less.

I know a couple of days off isn't a bad thing, but I have found that after really truly lazy weekends it takes Jenny a day or two to remember that she is actually quite good at her job.

We've snuggled a bit, and as I said before she went for a car ride with my husband, and this evening she spent a good hour chewing happily on a bone.

Back to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow!

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Just get rest and recover. A couple days off is just what you need and won't
ruin her training. Remember, she's there to help you, not the other way

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I have recently come down with the head cold from hell! I don't feel
confident working Jenny this weekend, so am wondering of ways to entertain
her.  For the most part she's good about just hanging out by my feet or my
bed, and my husband just took her for a quick car ride, but does anyone have
any recommendations on things she can do on her own or that don't require a
lot of energy from me?

Daryl and Jenny

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