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I had a similar experience (the same only different) when I went to a Giants 
game at AT&T Park.  An usher saw that I kept having to take Chase out into 
the aisle so people could get by and reach their seats.  So he moved my wife 
and I  (and Chase one section over to the seats in the very back row, in an 
area right in front of the press box behind home plate.  The area around the 
seats was more spacious and no one had to get by Chase to get to a seat.

I guess it's different in that he did it when he saw the dog, not because I 
notified the ball park I was bringing him.  However, when we entered the 
park, the security guy at the gate did radio our seat location to the 
command center to let them know the location of a guide dog.  I assume that 
was in case they had an evacuation of something.  We do have earthquakes 
during baseball season (cf 1989 World Series).

Craig and Chase
craig.heaps at comcast.net

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> Hi Danielle, I will sometimes let theaters know, especially if they are 
> small theaters.  My husband, along with myself, my mom and her friend, my 
> mother-in-law and father-i-law went to Palm Springs together to watch The 
> Follies.  It is generally packed.  Our seats were very close to the stage, 
> and along an aisle.  The theater asked if they could reseat us.  They 
> found us wonderful seats (though not with the rest of the family).  But 
> Craig and I and my then guide Lamar had plenty of room, and no one had to 
> step around or over him.  Not only that, but the sound was awesome.  If I 
> had not told them, we would have been packed in with everybody else. 
> People would have had to climb over my dog, since there was no place he 
> could lie down out of the way.  Sure, it would have been great to sit with 
> all the family, but it would have been very uncomfortable for all of us. 
> But everyone has to make those decisions for themselves.  I'm not sure, 
> though that the coordinators can disclose anything without your 
> permission.  As for Greyhound, they are used to accommodating service 
> dogs, so it should be fine.    Peace,    Debby and Neena
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