[nagdu] guide dogs and Gateway Arch in Saint Luis, MO?

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Hi Bibi,
This sounds really cool from your description. I checked out the official Gateway Arch website (www.gatewayarch.com) and below is what I found under accessibility. Hope it helps.

The Journey to the Top of the Gateway Arch is not fully accessible for guests with mobility impairments.  No wheelchairs are permitted at the Top of the Gateway Arch.  Visit the National Park Service website to learn more.

For those with mobility impairments, both theaters are accessible and have designated areas set aside for viewing from wheelchairs. Both theaters have unique rear window captioning systems, movie scripts, and audio enhancement for visitors with hearing impairments.  Audio description devices may also be available for the sight impaired.  Audio enhancement amplifies movie soundtracks and spoken words and transmits them directly to persons using an FM receiver.

Please feel free to contact customer service at 877-982-1410 or email info at coreofdiscovery.com.

Deanna and Pascal

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Hi, all,
I was curious if anyone has traveled with their guide dog to the Gateway Arch in Saint Luis, MO?
Althou Odie is a MAR dog now, I had a dream a couple days ago of traveling to Missouri into Saint Louis to visit the Gateway Arch with him.
Inside the Gateway Arch, they don't have normal elevators.
Instead, the elevators are in a shape of an egg with five to six stools inside.
When the eggs are rising up to the top of the arch, they make light clicking noises and slightly turn sideways.
There is no lighting inside the egg shaped like elevator from what I can remember when  I toured the Arch almost twenty-four years ago.
Once the egg gets to the top, the doors open and you can walk over to a large bay glass window and look out to see that everything down below is toy-like.
I mentioned to my father yesterday about how I wanted to do a tenth anniversary celebration with Odie by visiting the arch, but my father stated how the government wouldn't allow Odie to gain access in there.
I even asked, "They wouldn't allow a service dog in there, despite the ADA?"
My father's response was that since the Gateway Arch is under the government, the government can do what ever they want to or please.
He also felt that it would be a frightening experience to a service dog.
This is also a question I will be posting to the Travel and Tourism list as well as Blind Rollers, but be changing the subject from guide dogs to wheelchairs.
I probably should look up the Gateway Arch and do some research on my own to see what I find out.
I wanted to put this out on the list for discussion and thoughts.
If my idea isn't a good one, then I won't take that chance.
Odie and I will have to figure out something else for our tenth anniversary.
Bibi and MAR son Odie
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