[nagdu] {Spam?} A shocking experience

debby phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 17:02:59 UTC 2014

Hey Lisa! I think you showed great presence of mind to get Taylor 
unhooked and back home.  Don't worry, stuff similar always 
happens when we go home, too.  Maybe not quite so traumatic, 
though.  My first night home with my first dog, she started 
rolling-which of course she'd never done at school.  My housemate 
said, "Oh, she's rolling in cat poop." I had to wash her off, and 
all I had was dish soap.  Yikes! I was horrified.  I couldn't 
believe that my wonderful dog would do such a thing! Oh, she had 
lots of things to teach me! Lol.    Peace,    Debby and Neena

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