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Hi Emily and welcome aboard.  I am Michael Hingson, vice president of NAGDU.
I am using my seventh guide dog, Africa, from GDB.  As I write this I am
about 37,000 feet in the air flying to Dallas and then to Jacksonville, MS.
Isn't Technology wonderful?

I hope you thoroughly enjoy the NAGDU list.  Discussions are lively and

NAGDU provides many options to assist all guide dog users.  We have an
advocacy hotline and we have, as you may have seen, just released an app
containing a wide variety of information including copies of all state guide
dog laws.

Please feel free to participate and be a part of the family. 


Michael Hingson

The Michael Hingson Group, INC.
"Speaking with Vision"
Michael Hingson, President
(415) 827-4084
info at michaelhingson.com
To order Michael Hingson's new book, Running With Roselle, and check on
Michael Hingson's speaking availability for your next event please visit:
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Good afternoon, everyone,

My name is Emily, and I've just joined this list. I graduated with my first
guide, York, two months ago. York is a black lab male from Southeastern
Guide Dogs in Palmetto, FL. 

I'm excited to be part of a community of guide dog users! I'm a poet,
musician, and college writing instructor living in Jacksonville, FL. I teach
at the University of North Florida, and York is proving a wonderful addition
to the classroom. 

In the two months since our graduation, York has been everywhere with me –
chorus rehearsals, office hours, and long faculty meetings. I'm preparing
him for the upcoming symphony season by taking him to a few orchestral
rehearsals as well. We'll see how he likes this year's program!

I'm looking forward to the discussions on this list and delighted to be
among you all!

With best,
Emily K. Michael
emily.k.michael at gmail.com
Blog: http://areyouseeingthis.wordpress.com/

"Nowhere, Love, will world exist but within."
- Rainer Maria Rilke

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