[nagdu] Welcome Emily and Brett!

Marsha Drenth marsha.drenth at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 23:39:24 UTC 2014

Welcome Emily and brett! 
I hope that you find what your looking for on the list.
Just a bit about me, I'm Marsha, working my third guide from GDF. My guide is a black lab cross who is trained for guiding, blanace, and alerting work. I am DeafBlind with balance issues. We are full time students in university. I am also married to a great guy, who is also blind, but does not use a guide. 
I am also the moderator of the list, so if you need anything please let me know. Just a heads up, the list has a 5 posts per day limit for members. And I would advise that you please include your name at the end of your posts, so we all know who the post is from. If you want list members to email you off list, you may include your email address too. 

Talk soon,

Marsha drenth, NAGDU List Moderator  
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