[nagdu] guide dogs and Gateway Arch in Saint Luis, MO?

Nicole Torcolini ntorcolini at wavecable.com
Thu Sep 18 00:49:32 UTC 2014

I did not mean to come across as harsh. My messages are shorter when sent
from my iPhone. I never said that *every* activity had to be enjoyable by
the dog. However, if you reread the email that started thread you will find
that Bebi wants to celebrate her tenth anniversary with her dog. JMHO, this
celebration should be something that a dog should enjoy.


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Nicole, I've had dogs that didn't enjoy shopping with me, but I had to do
it.  Nobody says that every activity that we do always has to be enjoyable
to the dog.  I think dogs enjoy these job most of the time, especially when
given consistent praise for good work, but it's because they want to be with
us.  It isn't because they want to do a particular activity.  I think the
of your question was a little harsh.  JMO.    Debby and Neena

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