[nagdu] NYC was Length of Training (was: Why I decided not to owner train.)

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I know what you mean about dogs and what different enviroments they like and or do not like. My first pup was good for suburban life, second loved city life, but not NYC. First pup I lived in texas, second I was in MD. And now I am in Philly. My pup now is one that really really really loves big cities. I have never seen a dog who loves crowds, cars, noise, and just the busyness so much. When I was spending some time up in NYC, this dog was on her game, she didn't like the grates in the sidewalks, but she was in doggie guiding heaven. Back in Philly on my university campus, which has 40,000 students, she is back in her element. My pup can navigate me in a thick crowd, and all I feel are bodies and the wind when I pass people. Since I can't hear the people, my pup has the added job of understanding that when we pass people she should give me a good clearance because I can't hear them to go around them. My point of the post is that it really does take a special dog to deal with big cities like NYC, Philly and DC. I wonder is Boston as busy as those other cities I mentioned? I might need to visit to see for myself. 
Ok enought rambling for me, back into my studying I go...

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> They begin by learning how to walk in front, not heeling.  They get accustomed to the harness, they begin to learn about stopping for curbs and steps, because the instructor fakes like they are falling, and makes a lot of fuss.  Then they teach them to hup up to the curb, gradually introducing more and more things to the training.  Toward the end, all the dogs go to New York City.  Neena was there with her puppy raisers and she was also there with her trainer.  She likes it, but I can tell she wouldn't want to live there.  She was ready to go when we left.  I could tell that she was tired, because her enthusiasm was waning.  I asked Joy if that was correct and she said that yes, it was.  Neena would do okay in New York City for brief times-like a morning or an afternoon or whatever, but she would not thrive living there.  Some dogs, she said did really thrive on being in NYC.  I'm glad that we had that experience, but I doubt that I'll be living in New York City ever.  I'm a West Coaster at heart.  Sorry, probably more than you wanted to know.  (Grin).    Peace,    Debby and Neena
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