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Hi Marsha,
	I've had similar relieving issues with Mia.  I realized that all her accidents stem from the fact that she refuses to relieve on concrete.  If she were to not go on the grass in the morning before I leave and I were to choose to only let her out on concrete the rest of the day, you could rest assured that she would relieve in route.  The scenario outlined in the last sentence is not a hypothetical; her  last ill-timed elimination occurred minutes after I took her out on concrete and she refused to go.  At the time, I was hoping that if she had to go badly enough, she would give in and go on the pavement.  After that, I decided to simply find grass whenever possible.  Mia has been accident free since (knock on wood).  I can't determine from your email whether the surface (concrete or grass) of your relieving areas at work/school differ from your relieving area at home, but my advice would be try taking your dog out on grass whenever possible if you are not doing this already.

Hope this helps,


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Hi martia,
I had this problem with my sweet noel. Some foods she did better than others but she would poop before leaving and then about two blocks down. I tried waking up taking her poop, feeding then getting ready and poop again, no go still had to go on route. This would happen also in the afternoon. I tried playing with her before leaving to stimulate the second poop, nothing. This, as you know, is extremely frustrating in the city where it isn't always safe to take them. Eventually after a while we compromised. I wouldn't let her stop where ever but we would have one place per common route where I would say it was ok to go. Before that, no. When getting my successor I told gdf in no way did I want a dog that had relieving issues while walking. However, noel was a fabulous dog in every sense of the word and finally I said, hey she doesn't poop inside, she's not just stopping in the sidewalk and pooping she is pulling over and hey it's better than some issues. Pinta for the most part, unless I change her food, doesn't have this issue but goodness I know the anxiety and frustration. And she probably just stops walking all together if you don't let her go, right? My advice is to maybe pick a spot on the route before she gives the sign or even a few feet after if you can that you pick so it isn't on her terms but yours. And maybe when she does relieve when and where you want at the university give her a treat or lots of praise. Also, most importantly I found that when I was trying to get noel to relieve I would be anxious because I soooo badly wanted her to go, and she felt this. On the other hand if I went out there with the attitude of, I can care less if you go or not, sometimes she would. And then you have to make it relative. This problem isn't huge compared to a dog who shuts down when faced with an obstacle, or chases down every dog she seems, etc... 
Hope this helps! 

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> On Sep 29, 2014, at 9:35 PM, Janice Toothman via nagdu <nagdu at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Hi Marsha,
> I do not have any suggestions but I know what you are talking about.  Destiny and I will sometimes be out for 45 minutes to and hour.  I know that she has to poop because she has not all day and she has not peed in a long while but she will not do either.  She will have me walking up and down streets.
> I feel your pain and frustration.  I wanted  you to reassure you that your dog is not the only one that would do this.  Even if Destiny is retired I am still caring for her until I receive my new guide.
> I know it is hard to have an pup with an unpredictable  relieving schedule when your schedule is so busy.  Remember that you and your guide are succeeding in going to your internship and managing your classes and that is awesome!  Recognize your hard work and try not to micromanage your guides feeding.
> Your dog is sensitive to your needs and feelings; therefore, she might pick up on your "energy" level/tension in your movements that might affect her.  When she relieves on the way home it might feel to her that "expectation" of familiar surroundings and relieving area.
> Marsha that is speculation and you can take it or leave it.  I may not have been too clear so if you need be to explain, then ask. However, you know your dog the best.
> I just know that if I am in a hurry and want Destiny to relieve quickly; then that is not what she will do.  I end up frustrated and Destiny end's up sitting in fronting as if asking what she is supposed to do.
> Janice
>> On 9/29/2014 8:49 PM, Marsha Drenth via nagdu wrote:
>> Hi List,
>> I know, I know, I know that this topic has been discussed ad nausium. 
>> My current pup from GDF and I have been working for almost two years. 
>> Of course because I am back to school, this issue has come up again. When I was in classes at my university this was always an issue too. I feed pup, Natures Domain, 2 cups a day. So she will relieve in the morning, with plenty of time to go. Then around lunch time, as late as two o'clock I will then relieve her again, this time its on my university campus, or at my internship. If I am in classes, like I said its at 2pm, the earliest I can relieve her. If I am at my internship, I take her out around lunch. At either location, I can spend my entire lunch break, an hour, 30 minutes, whatever, and she will not go. I can walk her around the block, down the block. She will not relieve. I have taken off the harness, left it on, she will not relieve. I head home around either 4 or 5pm, but almost every single day, she will relieve on the sidewalk, in  the middle of our route. I have tried to reduce her food, only giving her a half cup of food, tried giving her all two cups at once, tried leaving out that meal all together. The reducing the meal to a half a cup, will delay the relieving to a morning poop. Like I said I thought it might have been the walk that stimulates her to go, so thus why I have walked her, but she will not go. Its always on the way to the train. I honestly do not know what to do from here, either I can just live with it or something has to happen. Please do not give the feeding nature talk, its not for me. My dog has no other health issues other this. I myself am nw having anxiety about her pooping on our route. I have had 3 guides, none of them have done this. Please give suggestions? I am in classes two days a week, internship three days a week, my schedule is busy, and she loves all the work. So like I said, here is the schedule. I wake up, feed pup, take her out, depending on the day depends on when she  eats and relieves, its usually between 5am and 7am. Like I said above either at lunch time, 12:30pm or 2pm, relieve again. 4 or 5pm, head for home and the train, when she will poop on route. Its at least 4 out of the 5days she poops on route. Then when I get home around 6 or 7pm, fed and relieved. Again at bed time, relieved at the last time. I never ever ever know when she is going to poop, its been two years and we are still not on a schedule. Thought I would ask here, as some of you all have worked many many dogs. Like I said, she is an absolutely great worker. Like I said I need suggestions, not criticism.
>> Thank you,
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