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Tracy Carcione carcione at access.net
Tue Sep 30 13:54:16 UTC 2014

Hi Marsha.
I too feel your pain.  Ben is stimulated by walking, and regularly needs
to go on route.  I hate it.  I've spent way too much time walking around
with a full baggy, looking for a trash can.
I agree with Brandy.  If she usually goes around one spot, pick a spot
nearby, at the time she usually needs to go, and let her go.  Then at
least you have some control and can pick up.  This is what I did with Ben.
It's a pain, and it requires building extra time into the route, but it's
the best I could come up with.  If he goes in the designated spot, or even
does the dance of good faith, I praise him.  If he fools around, or tries
to go elsewhere, I growl at him.
I never had a dog before who does this, either.  It's maddening.  I've
said, frequently, that I don't want another dog with this problem.  If New
Dog does it, you'll probably hear my howls all the way to Philly.  But,
like Brandy said, it isn't the worst problem I could have, as Ben is
otherwise an excellent guide, though, when he gets relieving on his mind,
not so much.
Good luck.
> Hi List,
> I know, I know, I know that this topic has been discussed ad nausium. My
> current pup from GDF and I have been working for almost two years. Of
> course because I am back to school, this issue has come up again. When I
> was in classes at my university this was always an issue too. I feed pup,
> Natures Domain, 2 cups a day. So she will relieve in the morning, with
> plenty of time to go. Then around lunch time, as late as two o'clock I
> will then relieve her again, this time its on my university campus, or at
> my internship. If I am in classes, like I said its at 2pm, the earliest I
> can relieve her. If I am at my internship, I take her out around lunch. At
> either location, I can spend my entire lunch break, an hour, 30 minutes,
> whatever, and she will not go. I can walk her around the block, down the
> block. She will not relieve. I have taken off the harness, left it on, she
> will not relieve. I head home around either 4 or 5pm, but almost every
> single day, she will relieve on the sidewal
>  k, in the middle of our route. I have tried to reduce her food, only
> giving her a half cup of food, tried giving her all two cups at once,
> tried leaving out that meal all together. The reducing the meal to a half
> a cup, will delay the relieving to a morning poop. Like I said I thought
> it might have been the walk that stimulates her to go, so thus why I have
> walked her, but she will not go. Its always on the way to the train. I
> honestly do not know what to do from here, either I can just live with it
> or something has to happen. Please do not give the feeding nature talk,
> its not for me. My dog has no other health issues other this. I myself am
> nw having anxiety about her pooping on our route. I have had 3 guides,
> none of them have done this. Please give suggestions? I am in classes two
> days a week, internship three days a week, my schedule is busy, and she
> loves all the work. So like I said, here is the schedule. I wake up, feed
> pup, take her out, depending on the day depends
>   on when she eats and relieves, its usually between 5am and 7am. Like I
> said above either at lunch time, 12:30pm or 2pm, relieve again. 4 or
> 5pm, head for home and the train, when she will poop on route. Its at
> least 4 out of the 5days she poops on route. Then when I get home around
> 6 or 7pm, fed and relieved. Again at bed time, relieved at the last
> time. I never ever ever know when she is going to poop, its been two
> years and we are still not on a schedule. Thought I would ask here, as
> some of you all have worked many many dogs. Like I said, she is an
> absolutely great worker. Like I said I need suggestions, not criticism.
> Thank you,
> Marsha drenth
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