[nagdu] major relieving issues

Rebecca Ilniski rilniski at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 09:39:52 UTC 2014

Hi Marsha.  Here's a suggestion you might want to try if you haven't 
tried this already.  In the morning our labs always want their 
breakfast.  Get her food ready and put it on the counter.  She'll see 
you do this and before her breakfast take her out.  She may go quicker 
because she knows the bowl of food is waiting for her. Tried this a few 
times when I first got Zeb when he was fooling around outside and it 
worked for us.  You could try it at dinner as well.  My last guide 
Nuncio relieved in harness most of the time outside so I had to learn 
where all of the trash cans were and in the neighborhood.  I usually 
stopped somwhere on my route before hand and allowed extra time for him 
to go since I knew he needed stimulation to go.  Most of the time it 
worked for us but on occasion he did go in a building if he got excited 
or if  his schedule was off a little.  I remember taking a trip to New 
York and he went at Penn Station.  This was after taking him out so I 
know how relieving issues can be for sure.  Keep us posted on how things go.

Rebecca and Guide Dog Zeb
email: rilniski at gmail.com
twitter: zebs_mom

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